Saturday, July 5, 2014

Our (rented) House / Part 1

It's been almost 4 months since we moved back to our hometown in Florida from our city life in Houston, Texas. Seriously...........4 months??!! The days drag on but the weeks fly by. Or something like that.
Anyway, I thought it would be fun to share the before and after photos from the house we were renting in Houston. I put a lot into making it feel like home because we planned to stay a while. Although, I can say that by the time I finished painting the living room area, I was wishing I had never started the painting process. Being pregnant and needing to wear a mask while painting was not a fun combo. Yet, in the end, when I look back at our photos, they look awful nice with those freshly painted walls in the background. *There may be just a hint of sarcasm there, just a little. wink.
We'll start our tour outside.

Weeding and trimming these bushes in October while being 7.5 months pregnant was something else, I'll tell you. But I do love how nice it made the front of the house feel.


*the boys wanted in on the fun
Living Room/Play Room





That's all for now. It's late and I'm ready for bed, folks.
I'll follow up with part 2 to complete our tour. Thanks for hanging out for a while!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Mini Spring Scrapbook Album

My incredible friend, Patty, requested a Spring themed mini scrapbook similar to the mini albums I made last Fall. * This album was so much fun creating. I also really love these cardboard albums. They are my favorite.

*(Oops! Just went looking for a post to link back to the Fall album and realized I never blogged about them. I'll have to follow up with a post about them soon.)

Almost 6 Months

My mind keeps questioning over and over the reality of my baby on the brink of turning 6 months old. It doesn't even seem possible and yet in the same moment it feels as though he's always been here with us. / His sweet, happy, and sometime dramatic (so precious) personality is coming out more and more. / He's active but loves his sleep. / Cuddling is still his absolute favorite. / My favorite is laying down with him in the afternoon, I'll say "let's take a nap" and he giggles. Over and over. / He is definitely a HUGE fan of his mom, me. (*wink) I absolutely love it. /  He has my heart. Just like his brothers. /  Let's talk about those big brothers who sometime stop and give him a smile. / He completely lights up when they pay him any attention. / They are also his favorite. / They are interacting with him more and more. It's the sweetest and my heart feels so full just thinking about it. / He's on the edge of being able to sit up on his own. Rolling and scooting everywhere. / He loves to scream and squeal with delight. / He practices his pouty lip daily. / He sleeps through the night, mostly. / He has been working on trying to grab food and drinks for a few weeks now. / This morning he reached and reached for my bowl of Cheerios. Then, he proceeded to pout and half cry and share with me that he was upset that I wouldn't give him any of my Cheerios. This was a first. / I think I'm going to start him on solids this week. We can't have a hungry baby. / Have I mentioned how much I love this little man. / He totally has a piece of my heart.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Around here....

Hello. Thanks for hanging in here with me and my sporadic blogs posts over the last year.
It's been the kind of year that was so full and crazy that we lived it, tried to enjoy it, and at the same time just made it through. All this to say, I want to blog more, I want to be here, and I'll work on being here more. (probably saying this last bit more for myself than anyone else) *wink

The last four months went a little like this:

.Our third precious boy was born.
.I had a long recovery from my C-section.
.We drove to our hometown in Florida for my sister's wedding with our 3 week old.
.David and the twins caught the Flu on our last day traveling home.
.We had major car problems on our drive home, which long story short, resulted in trading in our current vehicle for a new one.
.Our 4 week old caught the Flu.
.Two trips to the ER because he was 4 weeks old.
.One of the above mentioned trips was spent in the NICU overnight.
.Everyone finally recovered.
.Still healing from my C-section.
.Our twins turned 6. What?!!!
.We celebrated with friends at the park and cupcakes at home.
.Trying to settle into life with a newborn again.
.Feeling like I was failing miserably and recognizing that things don't have to be perfect. Let it go!
.David and I made some decisions for our future.
.After looking for a new job, with a few interviews but no hires, since moving to Houston, we knew we needed to make some changes.
.His employment there had not turned out the way we expected when we moved to Houston.
.Deciding to move back to our hometown in Florida was a rough decision.
.We really liked Houston.
.Florida was not our plan.
.Sometimes plans need to change. Even if they feel like one of the hardest things you have to do.
.Our landlady let us out of our lease early.
.We had a clean house almost all the time because of potential showings.
.This was not easy with two 6 year olds and a newborn.
.The house was leased.
.My parents and youngest sister came to help us move.
.We would not have made it out of there without them.
.Loaded a U-HAUL and drove two days home.

(traveling. starting our second day. my three boys.)

.We are currently living with my very gracious (and wonderful, I might add) in-laws.
.Our new plan is to get on our feet again.
.David is still taking the BARR in July.
.He's currently looking for employment and had a 2nd interview with a company this morning.
.We are still settling in here.
.Being back is something I could have lived the rest of my life without but I do love being close to both our families again. That is something good.
.I'm looking for good everywhere because sometimes it still doesn't feel that way.
.I miss the busy-ness of Houston or city life in general.
.St. Augustine feels like home though.
.We are on the countdown for warm enough weather to make our first trip to the beach as a family of five.
.The twins can't wait. They love the ocean.
.That's all I've got for now.
.Thanks for hanging in here with me and my crazy blog writing.
.Sometimes it's easier to get out what I want to say if it's in a fragmented, small sentence, type form.

p.s. My baby is 4 months old today. I. Can. Not. Believe. It.
But I love him so very much.