Simple October

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Simple October Workshop Registration for October 4th, 2014

Hello! I am so happy to announce that registration for the first ever Simple October Workshop is now open.

Join me for an night of crafting and fun!
Saturday, October 4th, 2014

Where: Fellowship Hall at First Assembly of God, 3111 St. Johns Ave. Palatka, FL 32177

Time: 6:30 -9:30pm
Cost: $20
(only 12 tickets available, * see below on how to purchase) SOLD OUT

Each attendee with make and take home three projects.

1. Create a unique 12 inch hoop using fabric
    and letters to spell out an encouraging phrase
    or a word. This project will be set up in such a
    way to encourage you to create your own
    personalized hoop art. Examples will be available.

2. Using yarn, felt, and fabric, we will decorate
    personalized Kraft paper mache` letters.

3. Create a banner using book pages, ribbons,
    and patterned paper.

Treats and drinks will be provided.
Come prepared to meet new and old friends, to leave feeling inspired, and enjoy a night of creating.

To purchase your Simple October Workshop tickets, please email me at with your *Paypal email address and the letter of your choosing for the paper mache` project. Then I will send you an invoice to be paid upon receipt. There will be an little something special coming to you via USPS, so please make sure your mailing address is correct on your Paypal account.

 Thank you, ladies! I am looking forward to seeing each and every one of you!

*I chose to use Paypal for ticket purchases due to their ease and convenience. Thank you for your understanding.

*Sorry, because of the unique personalization of this workshop,
we are unable to offer refunds.

Also, I wanted to note that all supplies are included in the cost. We encourage you wear comfy shoes and to bring a camera to capture the fun.

Ticket sales will close on September 23rd.

Please comment or email me at if you have any questions. Thank you!

Much love,
Emily Kinsaul

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Simple October Workshops

I have been so excited about sharing this news with you. I guess it's really more like sharing a dream.
You see I've had this dream of hosting workshops where women can come together to create for several years now. I've done a few small ones in my apartment with friends which you can see here, here, and here. They were fun and I loved each one. But I want to dream bigger. Bigger dreams are good.

I'm finally ready to make this dream happen. I'm ready to jump in with both feet and run towards my goal. To create a space where women can get together and create beautiful things. To encourage one another in our dreams, whatever they might be.

My dream is happening in Palatka, FL on October 4th, with the very first Simple October Workshop.

Our workshops are intended for crafters of all skill levels. Experience is not necessary.
When you attend our workshop it's my intention that you feel inspired and confident in creating lovely things for yourself and others.
We'll make three different projects that you'll be able to take home completed at the end of the night. Our theme for this workshop is making your home lovely.

There will be a limited number of tickets available. If you are local to the area, I would love to see you there.
Be prepared for an evening of meeting new & old friends, laughter, creating, and fun.

I'll be opening registration for this workshop on Tuesday, September 9th at 9:00am.

Oh, my gosh! Have I mentioned how excited I am to share this with you? Because I am!

 Simple October is now on Instagram. Follow us @simpleoctober.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I want to remember...

Liam Edition.

I want to remember how you laughed and laughed tonight trying to catch Brett each time he walked past you in your Bumbo seat. Seeing how you love your brothers makes my heart ache with happiness. I pray you always see how awesome they are.

I want to remember how my heart broke when you didn't want me to rock you to sleep tonight. I'm chalking it up to how tired you were from only taking one nap in the early afternoon. Especially since you turned down your bottle as well. Please stay my baby a little longer. Mama loves rocking you to sleep.

I want to remember how you are starting to throw little tantrums when you aren't doing exactly whatever it is you want to do. You throw your head back and let out a scream/cry of discontent. It's hard not to laugh at you but I do my best to keep my composure.

I want to remember how you love to eat your vegetables. Peas are your favorite but so are sweet potatoes, carrots, and green beans. You are completely uninterested in fruit right now. I like to think you are happy that puffs come in sweet potato flavor. Also, I love watching you crunch them and then open your mouth to let me know you're ready for another. Meal times in your high chair are some of my favorite times of the day. You are so chatty and happy when you eat.

I want to remember how you were 8.5 months old when you started sitting up on your own without immediately falling over. How yesterday you picked yourself up twice after falling over. Everyday you work hard to get from your belly to sitting position and although you haven't yet accomplished this feat, you are close.

I want to remember how attached to your binky you are. I have been trying to keep it away from you during the day once I noticed how quiet you've become. Although you still babble with it in your mouth, it's not the same as when it's gone. And oh, how I love to hear you babble.

I want to remember the fact that you have 8 teeth already. It's kind of hard to believe that you already have that many but you are adorable all the same.

8.5 months old

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Our (rented) House - part 2

As promised, here is the part 2 of our before and after photos of our (rented) home in Houston.
There's not necessarily anything special other than how I set up house for the time we lived there. I painted all the rooms, I'm sure I was out of my mind, but we thought we would be here for a few years at least. Plans change. Anyway, here it is.....enjoy!

Master Bedroom Before:


The Twins Room Before:


Nursery/Guest Room Before:


Boy's/Guest Bathroom Before: